Atlanta Appliance Repair Needed A Honest Appliance Marketing Plan

I come across many appliance repair owner seeking appliance repair marketing on a monthly basis. It’s sad that by the time they come to me they have already been abused financially with other self proclaimed seo experts or google maps optimization professionals. If you want the lowdown to what is really going on with your money and why it’s not working then you have come to the right place.

I used to work with a large ppc marketing company business model was to sell, sell, sell and ask questions later. The company was profitable but they got many angry customers along the way and eventually went out of business thank god. I worked there for about a few months and ended up quiting after I learned they were basically a chop shop, scamming small business owners.

I quit the company and formed my own company. I didn’t have venture capitalist help me I just started right at home. I basically called to get a few clients and never had to call again because I relied on my reputation and word to mouth to get me new clients. 4 years later my business is still growing with many referrals still coming in. Among the referrals came Expert Appliance.

Faheem was a pleasure to meet and work with. I helped him catch up on his late bills from parts companies and his rent. I helped him by ranking his business at the top of search engines when they are looking for appliance repair atlanta ga. The important thing to understand is that this form of marketing can work! You just need to find someone like Get Local to get you there. Before you decide working with any company ask for referrals call their past or existing clients.

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