Never needed a murrieta maytag refrigerator repair becuase it’s the best

I remember when I first bought my Maytag refrigerator. It was when I first moved to Murrieta and bought my first home. I was at one of those places that have a bunch of appliances and couches that are returned. Like a sears outlet or like a tj max place but for appliances. So this maytag fridge caught my eye it was stainless steel and had the freezer drawer on the bottom. It looked perfect to me but when I read the tag it said there was a ding on one of the handles and after I looked in that particular spot I found it. Still the price was too good to resist so I bought it.

I think it’s been 5-8 years and still never had any problems with my fridge. I came close a few years back when my refrigerator wasn’t getting cold. I called this appliance repair Murrieta company to come and take a look but instead the guy fixed it right over the phone!

I told him the problems I was having with my Maytag and he said to take a look at the bottom of my fridge where the vent was. He was right, there was a crazy amount of dust and debri. So I got the vacuum out and sucked all the hair and dust debris of the vent and sure enough my fridge was cool again. I know that any other company getting a call for a refrigerator repair in murrieta would have charged me easily over $200. So the point is if your gonna buy an appliance buy a Maytag, and if you need repair service call these guys below.

Murrieta Appliance Repair
Murrieta, CA
(951) 304-2886