Refrigerator Problems With Easy Fix In Pasadena CA

Refrigerator Problems With Easy Fix

In any given household the most used appliance among all is Refrigerator by default as you can agree that from the moment it lands in the house it is never switched off as it works round the clock. With this, there could be some common problem which may be fixed with a small fix as you can do it yourself. If you need professional assistance then call Appliance Repair Service Pasadena CA.

At times you may see that the Refrigerator is leaking water & your kitchen is all wet. Leaking water is not a good sign & when you find puddles of water coming from under your refrigerator. This is okay thought because it is very common and there is a for you to fix this & do not ignore it by thinking you are going to take care of it later.

A refrigerator which is leaking could be because your refrigerators defrost drain is blocked due to dust or anything else. This could be caused by spilled food or debris and even dust blocking the drain hose. When the drain hose from which the water drains gets blocked, there is a possibility that ice can buildup, then later on, this can cause leaking from your refrigerator as this is only due to the blockage in the drain. If you cant fix the blockage then call the Refrigerator Repair Pasadena CA to help you fix your Refrigerator.

There is an easy fix to it as to fix the leaking problem, use warm water to try to flush out the drain from inside of the freezer as warm water will help to clean any blockage, using a small funnel or turkey baster to pour warm water.  You may also use a pipe cleaner for this purpose or a straight coat hanger can also do to remove the clog to let the water pass through the drain. if this method is not working, then your next option would be to manually remove the debris that is clogging the water to pass through. Once this blockage is cleared then the leaking water problem can be solved by itself. If you are unable to clear the blockage with the troubleshooting then call Best Home Appliance Repair In Pasadena.